Online High Risk Auto Loans

21 Apr


When I wanted to buy a car and but I didn’t have a good credit I found out that traditional institutions and banks aren’t taking responsibilities with high risk auto loans.

Because I didn’t know much about getting a car or subprime auto loans also the type of bad credit auto loans, I decided to leave it in the hands of online company. They had lenders that were specialized in high risk loans. When I did a research about them, I found that they have helped thousands of customers who needed car refinancing with bad credit auto loans and they all have been frustrated because all other companies didn’t give them a car loan. With their 100% acceptance rate they have been able to get the loan that their customers needed.

I was informed about High Risk Loan Lenders
They gave me an advice that if I try to get the loan by myself, I could damage my credit score even more. If I start doing it myself, with putting in applications with every lender I come by, I will activate an injury on my credit score.

Even with the online company that has the best way of getting a high risk loan, there was something that I needed to know and they provided me with the explanation. They didn’t hide from me even the littlest thing about the loan. I was informed that the interest rate will be higher because from the side of the lenders high risk loans bring higher interest rate. Also down payments can be a bit higher too, and not always but usually is required 10-30% higher down payment compared to lower risk buyers. I found out that even the high risk lender are competing with each other, so they helped me to find the best rates and terms that the market had to offer. With all of their help I really enjoyed buying a car; they helped me to buy a car without the stress of thinking about the loan. I will tell you what they have told me about cosigners and co-buyers too.

Cosigners for High Risk Auto Loans
A case where a high risk car loan is included, the application can be easily denied. When this kind of cases is happening, a person with a good credit must step in (in my case my father) to offer to be alternative or the applicant must work on reestablishing the credit. The person who has a good credit can enter in the finance contract as a co-buyer or a cosigner for high risk car loans.

Co-Buyer and Cosigner Similarities:

- The both types are reconcilable for the loan. If the primary buyer won’t make the payment on time than the co-buyer and cosigner must make the payment;
- Both types must place their signature on the loan contract;
- Along with the primary borrower, both types can be subjected to a collection if the loan goes into default;
- The lenders for high risk car loans will review the credit of both of them.
Co-Buyer and Cosigner Differences:
- The lender name’s a co-borrower as either a co-buyer or a cosigner depending on their income in comparison to the primary borrower;
- The co-buyers income amount could be added to the primary buyer’s when the income of the buyer is not high enough to qualify for a loan;
- A cosigner’s income cannot be added to the primary buyer’s.
The online company which helped me get a high risk car loan it was a life saver, you need to find one if you need a high risk loan too.

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Lowering the Risk on Auto Loan

21 Apr

I needed to find a no credit check auto loan in order to buy an auto because my credit score was bad, and after some time by paying the payments on time I was planning to refinance my credit auto loan in order to minimize my monthly payments. Because of that I had to take high risk auto loan, but not always they need to carry a high interest rate because I did a lot of asking about the steps I need to take in order to lower the interest rate accordingly. There were different reasons how my auto loan can be categorized in many types of high risk auto loans. It was too pity that my credit was bad and my only choice of buying a car was high risk auto loan, so I needed to understand as much as I can about that kind of loan.

High Risk Auto Loans

The first thing that I found out about understanding a high risk loan is that it is categorized by the lender, which they based it on whether they think are going to be paid back or not. They actually are not trying to pass judgment each person separately; they are trying to protect themselves because there are cases where borrowers fail to repay the debt obligations for many reasons. These high risk auto loans have high interest rates in order to make up for risky inherently in offering them.

I made a down payment in the beginning in order to bypass the high risk too. By the down payment that I gave, I was lessening the cost of the auto loan, and I was showing the lender that I was making a good faith effort to prove creditworthiness. In that way the lender wasn’t seeing me a much of a high risk as before. Also, I was able to lower my interest fees even that I was only applying for high risk auto loan.

This kind of credit is for people just like me, with bad credit score, bad or poor history of repaying some other characteristics. Here is a little help from me for those who have been told that the only option is high risk auto loan. There are other things that you can do too.


I wasn’t able to find a cosigner so my only option was directly to take the high risk auto loan. But here I will help you about the info for a cosigner. So, a cosigner is a way to avoid the high risk auto loan. His purpose will be raising an effective credit rating on the application by applying with someone that has better credit than you have. This will impact on the risk in your application in a great way, it will give you a better chance on getting the loan you want and plus much lower interest rate. Be aware that if you won’t make the payment on time he will need to do that and that is not a good example of a good person.

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Pay attention when buying a car with bad credit

21 Apr

High risk buyer

I had a really big problem. I needed a car as fast as I could find, it didn’t matter if was it new or used. By getting a new job which was 40min away from my home I really needed my own transportation. So because I have a bad credit score it was a bit difficult. I wanted to find a car on credit which will allow me to pay lower interest rate, but because the only way to get one was high risk auto loan that was like a no, no low interest rate for me. From the start, to be sure I calculate my credit score online, again, it was a bad score, I started to search for the best car dealer that will provide me with the lowest monthly payment I can get with higher risk.

My advice for those who want to get a car with bad credit

The car lending industries, these days are very competitive because of the economy and because of the fact that there are hundreds of dealers and lenders to choose from. There are thousands of people like my situation so I knew that I shouldn’t get roped into paying more than it is needed for the car loan, I had to be careful. Also, there are many online companies that are dealing strictly with individuals who have bad credit auto loans  and are high risk. The online companies also provide programs to calculate the payments you will need to pay for the credit. Actually, I didn’t buy my car on credit online, but maybe you would like to.

I made sure that my previous car I had was paid off, I had prepared for a down payment, and I got a proof from my new job of full-time employment before I applied for a high risk auto loan.

Be careful because some sellers will try to sell you unnecessary devices by telling you that I must have it or to buy an extended warranty, credit life insurance or a glass VIN etching, which happened to me. I did my own fact-checking and I went for a new search when I was told these things. When I found the dealer that was for me, I bought the car that I can afford because I didn’t want get default on my car loan.

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