“I had the opportunity to meet with the reading workshop trainer from Columbia, so I got to go to some training with her and it was extremely helpful and insightful because it actually built upon a lot of things I already knew but it also gave me a lot of new information about teaching children how to read, how to grow. I have implemented it in the class and I have seen a huge change and a lot of progress with the kids when I implement what I have learned through her.”

“I think aides impact in the classroom is that we offer support to the teachers, we’re able to go into a room and provide additional services or support for kids that just need those extra few minutes, that one-on-one attention in order to fully grasp a concept and I think that that helps them stay up to date with the class or to be at the same level. It allows us to challenge the kids that are ahead but also work with the kids that need a little extra help.”