Maryam Salour, Red Oak Elementary

“I started working as an Instructional Aide-Literacy & Numeracy in October 2018. I have worked in education since October 2018 but have volunteered my time at my son’s school as needed since he started kindergarten in 2013. I have helped in the classroom, in the library, on the PFA as PFA President as well as numerous District Committees.”

“Aiding in the classroom has meant the world to me. It’s one of the best things I have done with my life. I look forward to going to work every day and truly enjoy the opportunity to interact with the students and to help the teachers with our phenomenal and extremely rigorous RRW program.”

“The training has certainly taught me how to be an aide. The numerous tips, methods and use of language help us to challenge the students to learn and allow for positive reinforcement. We are provided with numerous prompts and reading superpowers to empower the children as they learn. This job has taught me to utilize my training and to be flexible with different methods and techniques as each student processes information differently.”

“I truly appreciate the opportunity OPEF has provided to all of us—the students, the teachers and the aides. The money provided to fund aides to support the RRW has been essential in allowing the program to succeed. Hopefully, this will continue for many years to come! I would love to hear feedback from the middle school and high school staff once these children are there as to their reading and writing skills, their wondrous insights and their critical thinking abilities as I work in kindergarten at the very beginning of it all. The students are lucky to have the RRW program and the additional staffing helps to make it successful.”

“It has been a privilege to be able to work as an instructional aide in kindergarten. I love my team and we all work so closely together to make sure that everyone is on a path towards success.”