Christine Real, Brookside Elementary

“I love being an aide in the classroom. especially, in the younger grades, Kindergarten and first grade. It is so much fun to see how much they grow throughout the year, from the beginning of the year to the end. And just seeing the pride and accomplishment they have from working so hard.”

“You really can’t judge a student from the beginning on how much they’re going to learn and how far they’re going to grow during the year because they change so much during the year and given the right environment and the right tools they can really blossom.”

“I think it’s very valuable to have an aide in the classroom because the teacher does have a large number of students in the classroom to instruct and to listen to so to have that one-on-one coaching, I think is just really important.”

“I think the one-on-one attention is very invaluable to have that extra time to sit down and listen to them and help guide them in the right direction and just give them extra support.”

“I have read about the Oak Park Education Foundation and I appreciate all that they do for our district. I feel that the aides are of great value to the classrooms. I am also a parent in the school district, and I know that I appreciate having aides in my children’s classroom, just for that extra amount of help.”