Angie McGuire, Red Oak Elementary School

This is Angie McGuire, she was hired in October 2018.

“While I am new to working in education, I have been a parent of students in OPUSD since 2004 and was an active classroom volunteer all through my children’s elementary years. After spending the past 15 years as a full-time parent, I am thrilled to be in the classroom assisting with the learning process in literacy and math.”

“This is truly one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I love that I can make a difference by helping the teachers and enriching the educational experience for the students.”

“My favorite part of the job is helping a student learn a difficult concept or helping them complete a difficult task. The bonus is knowing that at the same time I am helping make the teacher’s job a little easier.”

“The teachers have so much they are trying to teach and need the additional support so students can get the extra help they need. Having another set of eyes, ears and hands in the classroom offers the teacher more opportunities to identify and address student needs.”

“I believe the training provided me with tools to help teach some of the math lessons.”

“The math training in particular gave some great learning tools and techniques and definitely provided lots of helpful and practical tips. Columbia was a bit overwhelming. And teaching it to K-3rd at the same time was difficult. I learned a lot, but don’t feel like it helped me as much in the classroom as the math training.”

“This has been an amazing opportunity. I am so pleased OPEF funded so many grade level math and literacy aides. The teachers appreciate the help so much and it’s wonderful to see the students get the extra help they need. The extra set of eyes, ears and hands in the classroom is a gift to both students and teachers!”