Theresa Loos

As parents with children who will be spending many coming years in the Oak Park Unified School District, Theresa and her husband, Philip, have a deep-rooted passion and investment in seeing the continued success of the foundation and, in turn, each student’s educational experience and enrichment. Theresa and Philip’s daughter began attending Red Oak Elementary School as a kindergartner in 2017, and their second daughter will be joining her sister at ROES in 2020. After attending the OPEF retreat over the 2018 summer break, Theresa realized a need to do her part in contributing to the School District by volunteering her time and skill sets in whatever capacity necessary to support OPEF. Having joined OPEF as a volunteer board member in September 2018, Theresa brings her experience as a Principal Consultant, Analytics & Optimization primarily in the digital marketing space to support OPEF’s marketing and development initiatives. Theresa also sits as a volunteer chairperson on the Red Oak PFA, maintaining the already narrow gap between OPEF and the PFA at her daughter’s school!