Denise Jaffe

Denise moved to Oak Park in 2007 with her husband. They wanted to return to her husbands hometown to raise their children. She loves Oak Park for the schools, open land, hiking, and supportive community. Her son attends Medea Creek Middle School and her daughter Oak Hills Elementary School. Denise is a Nurse Practitioner and has a Masters Degree from UCLA. In addition to working as an NP, she is active in the classroom and involved in school functions.

She remembers Barry speaking at Oak Hills Elementary when her son was going in to 4th grade and wanted to be part of a district foundation that worked to better schools in the area. It is a personal passion of hers to contribute and collaborate with others, helping to create a positive environment for growth and building a healthy community. It’s an honor to be involved with a wonderful group of people who give back to the children. She is excited to be a part of a caring group contributing to enrich children’s academic experience within the entire School District.