OPEF’s summer survey receives 1,097 parent responses

July 18, 2018 |Ryan Rosen

Thank you to all of our families who responded to the OPEF summer survey by providing valuable feedback on their understanding of the foundation, state funding of Oak Park Schools and their specific district funding interests.

This is a snapshot of our findings:

Response rate:

1,097 parents responded – a 39% response rate, which by all measures is exceptional.

Understanding of OPUSD funding challenge:

51%  are aware that Oak Park Schools receive $8,355 per student from the state which represents 83% of the cost of educating a student.

64% know that the Oak Park Unified School District ranks 853 out of 946 among California districts in state funding, and California is 46th in per pupil spending in the nation (853/946 = 0.90, so OPUSD is in the 90th lowest percentile – 90% of districts receive more)

70% are extremely to somewhat familiar with the Oak Park Education Foundation  [Extremely familiar =17%]

97% agree or strongly agree that closing the gap is important.


Top-ranked programs of interest to parents:

64%  rank STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) as their first or second priority.

54% rank class size reduction as their first or second priority. acla 1 or 2 for Class size reduction

Motivations for giving to OPEF

55% want to maintain the OPUSD as one of California’s best public school districts.

55% understand the district’s need for funding.

36% want to have an impact on helping OPUSD and all of its students and teachers.

14% are motivated by a tax deduction.

12% indicated that they would make a gift because they like a particular program that the foundation is funding.

1% responded that they are motivated by seeing their friends contribute.



“Education is the principal agent for change for the next generations to shape a better future. An educated society will make good decisions and do the most to change income inequality. An investment in the Oak Park Education Foundation offers more than ten times the output in results. In fact, it is priceless!”

Advait Shinde, Technology Entrepreneur, Oak Park High Graduate

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