And the winners of our survey participation competition are…

July 18, 2018 |Ryan Rosen

OPEF offered cash incentives to our schools for percentage of parent participation in our Summer Survey. The results are impressive and so close that we have two first and two second place winners as shown below. Congratulations to Brookside and Oak Hills Elementary Schools for finishing first with 37% and to Red Oak Elementary and Medea Creek Middle Schools for finishing in second place at 31%. Thank you families for your valuable feedback.

Brookside Elementary 37% $1,000 First place tie
Oak Hills Elementary 37% $1,000 First place tie
Red Oak Elementary 31% $ 750 Second place tie
Medea Creek Middle 31% $ 750 Second place tie
Oak Park High 28% $ 500 Third place
Oak Park Independent 25% $ 300 Fourth place
Oak Park Neighborhood 22% $ 250 Fifth place
Oak View High 16% $ 250 Sixth place


“Education is the principal agent for change for the next generations to shape a better future. An educated society will make good decisions and do the most to change income inequality. An investment in the Oak Park Education Foundation offers more than ten times the output in results. In fact, it is priceless!”

Advait Shinde, Technology Entrepreneur, Oak Park High Graduate

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