Please contact Executive Director, Vicki Raven, at Vicki.Raven@OakParkEducationFoundation.org for information about opportunities below.


OPEF is looking for a select group of folks at each school to be the representatives of OPEF schoolwide. These folks would not just be the face of OPEF for attending families, teachers, and staff, but also be the eyes and ears, open to feedback and suggestions for how OPEF can be most effective at our schools.

What is an OPEF Ambassador?

OPEF Ambassadors are open communicators: parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, education professionals who recruit minds and hearts for OPEF. They are messengers of our mission, and they are friends and partners. We don’t call someone an OPEF Ambassador until we have cemented a mutually trusting relationship.

Our OPEF Ambassadors would be our go-to folks when…
>> …any school event would benefit from OPEF representation to provide information and/or solicit contributions.
>> …volunteers are needed to staff registration day and collect the recommended donation per student.
>> …and more!

What can our Ambassadors expect of OPEF?

We won’t set specific goals for you to achieve. We’ll work together to achieve results that benefit everyone. We’ll connect you with a relationship manager to serve as your point person and resource for all things related to your partnership. Most importantly, we’ll train you and provide materials and guidance, along with regular updates about the impact and reach of our donors’ efforts and contributions, being an effective and positive influencer school- and district- wide.

Reach out  & take the first step towards becoming an OPEF Ambassador!

Internships available, contact Executive Director, Vicki Raven at Vicki.Raven@oakparkeducationfoundation.org