Sindhu Sreeraj, Red Oak Elementary

“My name is Sindhu Sreeraj. I have been employed in this position since Oct 2017. I have been working at ROES as an Instructional Assistant for the last 2 years. This is my second year at Red Oak Elementary School. During my first year, I was working for 2nd grade and 3rd grade. Now, I […]

Simone Cohen, Red Oak Elementary

“Working as an aide in the classroom is personally gratifying on many levels.  My many years helping the youngest students (in Pre-K and Kindergarten), I appreciate being just a very small part of their entry into a formal learning experience.” “I can think of several examples: (1) There are two boys that were struggling with […]


“I myself have two kids in Oak Hills. I just didn’t know how much effort went into how they taught them. The training through Columbia helped a lot. Now, as teaching staff, I have a different perspective of teaching, like how to approach teaching kids so the training made a big difference. My favorite part […]

Preet Sumal, Red Oak Elementary School

My name is Gurpreet (Preet) Sumal.  I am an instructional aide for the second grade at ROES.  I started working in this position in October 2018 I really enjoy seeing the positive impact I have on my students.  I also learn a lot about classroom management from the teachers. I have seen tremendous growth in […]


“I had the opportunity to meet with the reading workshop trainer from Columbia, which was extremely helpful and insightful. I have implemented it in the class, and I have seen a huge change and a lot of progress with the kids when I implement what I have learned through her.” “I think aides impact in […]

Maryam Salour, Red Oak Elementary

“I started working as an Instructional Aide-Literacy & Numeracy in October 2018. I have worked in education since October 2018 but have volunteered my time at my son’s school as needed since he started kindergarten in 2013. I have helped in the classroom, in the library, on the PFA as PFA President as well as […]

Christine Real, Brookside Elementary

“I love being an aide in the classroom. especially, in the younger grades, Kindergarten and first grade. It is so much fun to see how much they grow throughout the year, from the beginning of the year to the end. And just seeing the pride and accomplishment they have from working so hard.” “You really […]

Angie McGuire, Red Oak Elementary School

This is Angie McGuire, she was hired in October 2018. “While I am new to working in education, I have been a parent of students in OPUSD since 2004 and was an active classroom volunteer all through my children’s elementary years. After spending the past 15 years as a full-time parent, I am thrilled to […]

Jessie Hall-Prince, Red Oak Elementary

“I am often found curled up in a ball next to the listener during partner reading in 1st great or walking the desks to make sure mathematicians are on task understanding what they are learning.  I am a new hire since late January 2019. I have worked with children most of my life through volunteering […]

Janet Lee, Brookside Elementary

“In this position as an instructional assistant in literacy and mathematics, I am trained by Columbia University who come out and sit down with us and explain the latest ways to learn and read, it’s truly amazing. I wish I had this information for myself, when I was a younger mother and I could’ve done […]