Sindhu Sreeraj, Red Oak Elementary

“My name is Sindhu Sreeraj. I have been employed in this position since Oct 2017. I have been working at ROES as an Instructional Assistant for the last 2 years. This is my second year at Red Oak Elementary School. During my first year, I was working for 2nd grade and

3rd grade. Now, I am working exclusively for 2nd grade. I have volunteered in the past at Red Oak Elementary since 2012, my daughters were in different classes, I got an opportunity to work in two different classes each year.”

“Every day is learning experience for me. I work with 87 students in total, each having different characters. Working with each student is different. I learned that encouraging students will bring out the best in them. They become more attentive and responsive on encouragement. Also, each teacher has their own way of teaching. I always try to grasp and retain the good working habits of teachers.”

“For me, aiding means helping those students who are little weak in reading, writing and math. Also, it is my responsibility as an aide to help the teacher whenever she/he needs help in disciplining the class (as the class size is quite big).”

“I’ve seen some students whom I worked with made significant growth. Trainings in math and language arts helped me to become a better aide. I try to apply my learning from the training on students when I work with them, especially in reading and writing. writing, these trainings helped me the way I work with students. I always try to implement what I learned from the training.”

“In the beginning of this year, I was working with one student who was struggling in Math as well as Language Arts. Last week, when I was checking his worksheets, I could see a visible improvement in his performance. I felt very happy even though the improvement was a result of teamwork. I feel happy whenever I see improvements in students whom I worked with.”

“Thank you for helping OPUSD to maintain its core values!”