Jessie Hall-Prince, Red Oak Elementary

“I am often found curled up in a ball next to the listener during partner reading in 1st great or walking the desks to make sure mathematicians are on task understanding what they are learning.  I am a new hire since late January 2019. I have worked with children most of my life through volunteering as a sports coach, camp counselor, and even mom on the block who facilitates art time for the neighborhood. Working with children comes naturally to me.  What a joy to see little humans process information.”

“As a parent of a 5th grader who could have benefited from having extra aids in each grade level, I have an interesting take.  When the teacher is teaching a math lesson, I am able to help all the children stay on the correct math page and problem. I help with individual questions.  Spot when a child is in La la land and bring them back peacefully to their math page. During reading time, I am able to remind the reader or the listener what tools they have and help them find the tool to use to solve their reading problems.”

“My favorite memories are occurring daily. For the lower level children who didn’t want to read with me initially, now beg to read me a book when they see me on the blacktop or passing on the yard when I drop my child at school.”

“The Columbia training has personally helped me understand what my position duties are to be.  I enjoyed each minute of the presentations. I felt empowered with tools to help the students do their best learning”

“I have seen the students use the new skills we all learned with ease.  Something as simple as sitting back to back or read side by side has helped the children to become calmer with a greater understanding of what is expected during reading time.”

“OPEF, OH EM GEE!!!  The tools you have given the 1st grade team by having more aids in the classroom is Nobel prize worthy!  I am totally comparing my experience with my now 5th grader. If my child had the opportunity to go back to 1st grade, I am certain she would be a different student today.  Fortunately, my child had some of the most amazing humans as teachers threw her entire school career, who went above and beyond to help my child with her struggles to stay focused and absorb the information.  Yet having the extra aids with this learning curriculum would have ensured her success moving forward. My child will do well in life, yet she does not have the backbone structure that 1st grade has now. That’s the short of it.  Please feel free to contact me for more thoughts as this could take an entire cup of coffee.”