Janet Lee, Brookside Elementary

“In this position as an instructional assistant in literacy and mathematics, I am trained by Columbia University who come out and sit down with us and explain the latest ways to learn and read, it’s truly amazing. I wish I had this information for myself, when I was a younger mother and I could’ve done this with my daughter. It’s the latest and most recent information which is amazing, it’s like gold that you can teach these children and they can benefit, all while making the reading and learning much easier and fun.”

“This job is the most fun and interesting to me because every day is different, and the kids are just full of life… and of course it just keeps you young but it’s just great to see them learn and absorb all of this information. I feel like I fulfil a need and the kids get the feeling that they’re actually getting more help because you know, kids in general just need extra help, extra attention and just being there alone, umm just makes an impact as well and outside of just helping them educationally but just mentally, some of these kids just need the constant awareness that someone here cares for them and that alone I think is huge.

“Thank you, Oak Park Education Foundation, for helping me and other children learn better and have a feeling of a more stable environment and attention.”