Elementary Assembly Support

The Oak Park Education Foundation is committed to enriching the science learning for all students in the district. This support includes funding and coordinating elementary school assemblies. In 2015, the Oak Park Education Foundation supported the Otter 501 Assemblies presented by the actor and scientist, Katie Pofahl. The film informs its audience of the challenges faced by an orphaned sea otter pup and is told through the creative lens of social media. These assemblies were followed by a community showing of the documentary film at OPHS with middle and high school Idea to Impact teams introducing the film as part of their service-learning involvement with the Idea to Impact Student Challenge.

http://www.elkhornslough.org/ottercam/   Here is the link for the newly available otter cam for Elkhorn Slough. This live web cam allows viewers a glimpse into the place Otter 501 calls home.

http://otter501.com/     Otter 501 website with more detailed information on the assembly

In previous years, Brent Nixon with Nature Talks has presented assemblies on Bears, Humpback whales and Orca at the elementary schools. Community talks with Mr. Nixon followed the student assemblies as well and provided the community an opportunity to share in his entertaining and educational performances.