Please contact Executive Director, Vicki Raven, at Vicki.Raven@OakParkEducationFoundation.org for information about opportunities below.

Board Member

A member of the OPEF Board Chairs who attends monthly board meetings, leads/manages an OPEF committee and its projects, and votes on how the foundation’s funds will be allocated throughout OPUSD.

Committee Member

A member of any of the OPEF committees (e.g. Marketing, Development, Major Donors, Summer School, etc.) who meets once a month and executes on various projects throughout the year.

OPEF Ambassador

An OPEF representative at a specific OPUSD school who would 1) volunteer for school-specific events such as Registration Day, Back-to-School Night, Open House, etc. and 2) talk to folks during drop-off and pick-up to keep a pulse on the school.

Event Volunteer

A day-of volunteer to assist with various events such as Fundraisers, Donor Appreciation Events, Community Mixers, etc.

Event Host

Open up your home or business for an OPEF event.

Event Sponsor

Provide support for an OPEF event through donating funds, products, or services.

Phone Banker

Make calls to the OPUSD community to solicit pledges and donations.

Note Writer

Hand-write personal thank you notes to OPEF donors for their contributions.