Oak Park Education Foundation (‘OPEF’) supports the students who attend the schools in Oak Park. Our motto: “A Promise to Our Children” says it all. This is a collaborative effort of all of us!

The purpose of OPEF is to help supplement additional funding resources to cover the costs associated with the a high quality educational experience for our students. The cost to provide this type of programs for a district rated in the top 1% in the state of California exceeds the funds received from the state, thus it is up to educational foundations to help bridge this gap.

Parents, businesses and communities such as ours continually step up to the plate to complete this bridge and each year’s test scores, program offerings and college acceptance rates validate the success of the district and its education foundation.

The Oak Park Education Foundation sends out one appeal letter each year asking for your annual support. It is simple; with your support, Friends is able to fund programs in every grade level at every one of our schools ensuring that every child can reach their potential.

To donate please click the button below. We accept checks and PayPal.

Ways to Donate


Donate via PayPal:


Send Checks to:

Oak Park Education Foundation
638 Lindero Canyon Road, #126
Oak Park , CA 91377

Our Federal Tax ID is #58-2676917. You will receive an acknowledgement of the donation by mail.

Does my company match donations?

The answer is most likely, Yes!

Many Southern California firms have gifts matching programs covering education foundations.

Because the Oak Park Education Foundation is an IRS recognized non-profit and is for education, cash gifts are supported by many corporate matching gifts programs. So please check with your HR department.