Board Members

Who is on the Board of the Organization?

The directors are parents and community leaders dedicated to working with the superintendent, school board, school-based PFAs & PFCs, and parents. There are representatives on the board from each of the five schools in the Oak Park Unified School District, as well as community members who no longer have children in the District.

Brandon McFadden


Brandon and his wife, Danielle, moved to Oak Park in 2010 primarily because of the high quality Oak Park Unified School District. They now have two daughters that both attend Brookside Elementary School.  Brandon works as a digital … Read More

Scott Star

Vice Chairperson

Scott, his wife Vanita, and 2 children Gwen & Malina, moved to Oak Park in 2012 from San Diego. They chose to live in Oak Park due to the school district's excellent reputation and the opportunities it would provide their children. … Read More

Denise Jaffe


Denise moved to Oak Park in 2007 with her husband. They wanted to return to her husbands hometown to raise their children. She loves Oak Park for the schools, open land, hiking, and supportive community. Her son attends Medea Creek Middle … Read More

Ari Qutami

Finance Chair

Ari and his wife Marilena moved to Oak Park in 2017 and have two children currently attending Oak Hills and Media Creek. Having lived locally for a number of years, they decided to move to Oak Park in large part due to the reputation of the … Read More

Eric Agovino

Development Chair

Eric and his wife Moriah moved to Oak Park in 2017 from Connecticut and have two children at Brookside. Like many others, they chose to live in Oak Park because of its quality public schools and involved parents. Eric believes that … Read More

Carmela Barbieri

Major Gifts Chair

Carmela joined the OPEF board in March of 2018. Due to the excellent education that Oak Park offers, Carmela and her husband Roberto decided to transfer their children to the Oak Park school district. She enjoys volunteering and helping her … Read More

Benson Berro

Governance Chair

Benson joined the Oak Park Education Foundation in 2017 and has been a resident of Oak Park for over 12 years. He and his wife have two children in the district, a daughter at Medea Creek and a son at Brookside. He is a strong believer in a … Read More

Theresa Loos

Marketing & Communications Chair

As parents with children who will be spending many coming years in the Oak Park Unified School District, Theresa and her husband, Philip, have a deep-rooted passion and investment in seeing the continued success of the foundation and, in … Read More

Kevin John

Board Member

Kevin John is an experienced finance services professional with over 25 years of experience in financial and business management. As a twelve year resident of Oak Park, Kevin and his wife Julie have been actively involved in the community … Read More